Timothy Rogers, Carol Stream

  • Timothy Rogers

      Timothy Rogers Brian Hill | Staff Photographer

Posted10/14/2020 6:00 AM

Timothy Rogers of Carol Stream says the COVID-19 pandemic has put an end to his business travel. So he's cooking all the time at home, and he loves it.

He's usually cooking for his wife, Theresa, son Aidan, 18, and daughters Lucy, 16, and Brigid, 14.


Rogers says he enjoys trying new things in the kitchen, and his favorite ingredient is garlic.

"Like onions, it is one of those ingredients that is extremely versatile and one that finds its way into almost every cuisine."

You might say Rogers takes an explorer's approach to cooking. "I love to try new things," he said. "I rarely make the same thing the same way more than once. I like to tinker and experiment. I like to try new techniques from roasting to smoking to poaching to sous vide. I will try them all."

Rogers also relishes the hands-on experience.

"I enjoy learning new styles, techniques and recipes. Knowing flavor combinations and techniques is not enough -- you need to be able to apply that knowledge. I love how the sum of a recipe is almost always greater than the individual parts, and omission or modification of an ingredient, however seemingly small, can have a significant effect on the outcome of the dish."

Even though the Cook of the Week Challenge has changed this year, Rogers says he's up for it.

"While the format may be different, the spirit of the contest remains the same -- do your best with the ingredients you get. I am looking forward to seeing what I and the other contestants create."

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