Lulu Chapa, Challenge 4

I made Steak Mole with a side of Mexican style cauliflower rice.

I grew up watching my mom making mole sauce from scratch. Home cookers may be intimidated by making a mole or have never tried it. Making a mole is a truly unique experience because you take in all of the flavors, aromas and textures of the ingredients that, once integrated, form a delicious mixture that can be used to prepare a variety of dishes. Many people (including me) do not always have enough time to make the mole sauce, so using a pre-made sauce that you can buy in any grocery store is an excellent alternative. Don't be intimidated by the recipe, it is not difficult, and it does not require a large kitchen to do it because my recipe is for home cooks. I wanted to present a simple way to make a mole so you can taste a little bit of Mexico with my dish.

I was surprised that the combination of the mystery ingredients did not seem as crazy and difficult like other previous challenges I knew what flavor I was looking for exactly when using the caramel cashew butter, but knowing how much beer to use to give it that perfect touch and help to enhance the taste of the mole was a low point.

I decided to use the Carmel Cashew Butter from Now foods instead of almonds, which is one of the main ingredients in mole. The Oktoberfest Beer from Binny's Beverage Depot was used to reduce the intensity of the spice, enhance the flavor and reduce the thickness of the mole sauce. I used the cauliflower to make Mexican style rice that goes well as a side dish when you eat mole.

My daughter was able to recognize some of the smells when the steak mole was cooking, and the cauliflower rice is her new favorite. I did not know a lot of my local friends knew mole. They encouraged me to make this dish.

Steak mole and the Mexican style cauliflower rice will be served in my house regularly.

I garnished the mole with queso fresco, onion and cilantro. With my Steak Mole and Cauliflower rice, I am representing the Mexican Cuisine.

Steak Mole with a side of Mexican style cauliflower rice

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