Letter: Respond to polls

Updated 5/13/2022 9:19 AM

In June, we will be casting our votes in the general primary. This is a privilege and responsibility that most patriots consider sacred. One of the easiest ways to learn about your candidates is by hearing what their volunteers have to say when they contact you by phone. In giving just minutes of your time, you have an opportunity to have your questions answered and to learn where your candidate stands on the issues that most impact your life. This knowledge is a valuable tool in making your informed decision.

Sadly, far too many voters are unwilling to spare the time. Volunteers working for their candidates are giving of their time to ensure that our elections move forward with a peaceful transfer of power. Responding to them with indifference, hostility and impertinence may temporarily relieve the frustration we are feeling, but it will do little to insure a positive outcome. Will you give them the courtesy of your attention to arm yourself with information about their candidate's priorities, or will you be the first to complain when another incompetent has been voted into office? Those few minutes may be the best spent time of your day.


Isie Barclay

St. Charles

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