Republicans should regret performance

The Senate judicial hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has put on full display the hypocrisy and political theater of the Republican senators.

Judge Jackson was confirmed to the federal bench, DC circuit in April 2021 by this same committee with three Republicans voting for her. At that time, there we no questions about her sentencing guideline in child pornography cases; yet, this seems to be the only issue on the minds of these senators. Sen. Hawley continually badgered her with the question "do you not regret your decision?"

Perhaps the question of regret should be directed at these senators for not doing their job then and now trying to find something to disqualify her from being on the court. Anything - an activist judge, soft on crime, lenient with pedophiles - anything to prevent her taking her place on the Supreme Court - anything.

Since the beginning of the Supreme Court in 1790, there have been 120 justices. One hundred thirteen have been white men. There has never been a Black female justice and should not the court look like America? It looks like the Republican members do not think so.

William J. Filstead

Arlington Heights

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