Morrison challenger is blowing smoke

Posted7/19/2021 1:00 AM

Can we take seriously the July 9 article in which Drew King, seeking the Democratic nomination for the 54th House District, said: "our current state representative has failed to deliver for the fine people of our area?"

During his time in office, Tom "Tax Fighter" Morrison has been an advocate for the taxpayers of this district, having the courage to run counter to the Democratic legislative culture in Illinois.


These past 18 years, both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly have been controlled by Democrats, with overwhelming majorities. Also, during this time, Democratic governors have headed this state, except for the four Bruce Rauner years during which the state legislature stonewalled all attempts at substantive change by that governor.

As a district resident, I would agree with the importance of education, jobs, the economy and lowering of all taxes. However, during this time, how have the Illinois lawmakers performed? Rising taxes, fees and the out-of-control pension crisis.

This district has some of the finest K-12 and high schools in the state. However, it seems students are only encouraged to secure college degrees. Not all are meant to go to college, but with guidance there are many skilled trades that have offered well-paying jobs needed today.

Education costs money and considering the state of Illinois underfunds this burden, it's left to the districts to fund through property taxes. Do I like it? Certainly not.

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If King gets elected, he will become just another legislative pleb walking in lock step with the General Assembly ruling class, that have failed to deliver for the fine people of Illinois.

Richard Plegge


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