Lexicon of 'leadership'

Posted9/14/2019 1:00 AM

A vocabulary list to better understand news coverage of our president:

Spewing, hurling -- as in vomiting lies and tossing insults, especially toward women, nonwhites, our Federal Reserve chairman and allied world leaders


Polarizing -- fomenting intolerance with intent to divide our nation

Socialism -- as in Medicare, Social Security and other social programs

Angry Mob -- phrase used by our president and cowardly Republicans to describe those who speak out against their governance

Fake News -- any news coverage critical of our president

NRA -- gun lobby controlling our president's decisions about gun violence

Euphemism -- a nicer word or phrase used to replace an unpleasant word; e.g., LIE -- alternative fact, fabrication, baseless claim, falsehood

Swamp -- a cesspool from which our president draws his "best people" who will eventually be indicted, fired or resign in disgrace

White Nationalists -- those who believe our president can make our nation white again

Authoritarian -- the type of leader our president embraces, emulates and trusts more than our intelligence community and our allies

Dotard -- a mentally and physically weak old person; Kim Jong Un's affectionate name for our kowtowing president

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Climate change denier -- one who denies overwhelming evidence that our planet is facing catastrophic climate change

NPD -- narcissistic personality disorder; a suspected reason for our president's behavior

Covfefe, hamberders, Tim Apple, birther, loser, leaker, pencil-neck, gaslighting, witch hunt, hoax, blame game, snowflake, fear mongering, pizzagate, #MeToo, NDA and hush money -- words made popular by our president

Chosen One and Second Coming of God -- anointment of our president by conspiracy theorists and evangelical leaders

Jane Cox


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