Lawlessness abounds in Illinois

Posted7/12/2019 1:00 AM

Illinois is the Venezuela of the Midwest, absolutely lawless. 

We allow immigrants here illegally to get driver's licenses. In 2008, we gave away our electoral votes, joining the Interstate Compact, an "end run" around the U.S. Constitution. We just legalized dope, even though marijuana is illegal on the federal level. We raced to become a Sanctuary State, violating Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which says that immigration is the power of Congress.


Illinois isn't done. Ramming through a massive abortion bill, Gov. Pritzker and smiling legislators have just voted away most of your rights. 

All protections for the child in the womb have been removed. (Yet, premature babies can survive in the third trimester, when abortion is now "legal").

Fathers' rights are gone. And parents lost their right to know their 15-year-old minor child is having an abortion. 

Medical personnel will be required to participate in terminating a baby's life in the womb.

You will be paying for your neighbor's abortion. (Health insurance plans, including those for religious groups, must cover abortions).

Women have lost their right to have a risky procedure in a hospital by a doctor. (Nurses and nurse practitioners can now perform abortions in substandard, unlicensed, uninspected facilities). The automatic right to an autopsy for a woman who dies during an abortion has been eliminated.

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Public abortion data no longer needs to be reported -- your right to know.

Take another victory lap, Gov. Pritzker, along with leaders of both parties, who made this possible: Madigan, Cullerton, Brady and Durkin. 

Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky will never choose Illinois' lawless path toward moral collapse. The Thomas More Society is appealing. Where is the rest of our legal community? Silent, as usual ...

Eleanor Hesse

Buffalo Grove

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