Job 1: Help group root out corruption

Posted7/12/2019 1:00 AM

The single most patriotic thing Americans can do for our country is to help the activist group "Represent Us" get rid of institutionalized corruption, which is the root of most, if not all, our major problems.

If there were little or no corruption, our politicians would represent the interests of all Americans and their communities instead of the ultra-rich campaign donors. Making our democracy work would save us trillions of dollars currently being squandered on elites at the expense of most American taxpayers.


We need fair taxation, properly maintained infrastructure, common-sense gun control, a living minimum wage, access to affordable health care, affordable college education and aggressive policies that address climate change and create jobs. And perhaps most importantly, we need a foreign policy that promotes world peace instead of engaging in perpetual wars for the benefit of our military industrial complex.

It is absurd that so many of the citizens of this rich country can't afford life's necessities and don't have many of the basic individual freedoms enjoyed by citizens of other industrialized nations.

Lanlan Hoo


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