Impeachment veers from interests of district

Well, that didn't take very long, Sean Casten. You have managed to reveal your true priority (yourself) in less than six months. Instead of spending your time advancing the issues you campaigned on, i.e. health care, gun violence, climate change and campaign finance reform, you and a small, unreasonable group of Democrats only care about impeaching President Donald Trump.

You told the Chicago Sun Times that "an impeachment assumes that we will start the process, and you already know the outcome." What are you suggesting? Do you believe that the findings of a two-and-a-half-year investigation are not sufficient? Or are you privy to information that hundreds of FBI investigators somehow missed?

Your interview with the Sun Times made absolutely no sense to me until the last line of the article when you said, "This is what I think has to be done, for me. And I think it's important for the voters to know that." You were not elected to represent you, Sean Casten. I can guarantee you that impeachment is not something most of us in the 6th District support. And it's important for you to know that. Stop wasting time and start working on representing your district.

Mary Plunkett


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