America will vote based on the facts

Posted6/4/2019 1:00 AM

I find myself everyday reading some statement/article whether it be in the newspaper, Facebook or in a magazine that gets me a bit riled. The far majority of these articles are about the president and how someone interprets what they think he has done or said.

I am certainly not against free speech, but I am against comments that are not based on facts or truths. It also bothers me that positive statements regarding our commander and chief regarding taxes, the economy, border security and others are either twisted into negatives or ignored entirely. I have deliberately refused to take the bait and get myself drawn into nonsense debates because the far majority of liberals as Colonel Nathan R. Jessup once said "You want the truth, son you can't handle the truth."


The fact is our taxes have gone down, the economy has never been greater and our borders are in a crisis and Donald J. Trump is the only person willing to take it on. In about 18 months, America is going to decide what they want. I have a pretty good idea what they will say.

Larry Eichman


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