Most vulnerable, especially, are helped by Trump

Posted4/25/2019 1:00 AM

Many of my friends know me to wear a MAGA cap with pride. I wear my cap for many reasons. One of them is that I believe Trump's policies help all Americans, especially African Americans. Democrats can do the talk, but they can't do the walk. Results matter.

Trump's policies have positive effects for minorities. Yet, many in the news media and people who watch their divisive programing routinely state that Trump and his supporters are racist. Keep in mind, it's OK to disagree with a policy and not consider it racist. It's offensive to call whole groups of people racist. It's ignorant, and to be perfectly frank it's racist.


Now, if I wanted to make an argument of policies being prejudicial against people, I would show how Democratic policies have hurt African Americans and others through the years. Look at America's largest cities run by Democrats. The results are terrible. Democrats' policies clearly have had a disparate impact on minorities in these cities. If these policies were practiced by any business in America, someone or a group could make a very good argument in front of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that discrimination exists.

The Democrats embrace policies that have hurt African Americans and others for a half century. It's time to stop these discriminatory practices and start embracing President Donald Trump's policies, which give opportunities to all Americans, especially our most vulnerable.

Michael Fuechtmann


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