Immigrants have always faced challenges

Posted4/20/2019 1:00 AM

Our country was once a wide, empty expanse. Open immigration rapidly turned that barren land into small towns and cities. We needed that open immigration, because the modern industrial age was yet to come. America was being developed by pick-and-shovel labor.

The Erie Canal was dug out by immigrants at a very low wage and a shot of whiskey at the end of the day. The New York subway in turn was started out by pick-and-shovel immigrants. Not to forget is that our local steel mills were paying immigrants miserable wages to do very dangerous work.


Labor unions rapidly became the voice for safer working conditions and a livable wage. But this came about with a price. It ushered in an era that saw robots replacing people. As an end result, we now need immigrants with skills to add to our manufacturing know-how, Just how can illegal immigrants hope for meaningful employment in today's robotic world?

Garbage pickup is now done with robotic arms including menial jobs as well.

Walter Santi


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