Failure to assimilate is danger of immigration

Posted4/20/2019 1:00 AM

The great immigration of the early 20th century was sparked by the Industrial Revolution. Countries that exploded with manufacturing jobs were overwhelmed by immigrants from Europe who actually wanted to work, rather than just be on the dole, which they considered demeaning.

They came here legally, through Ellis Island. They were detained there until they completed their paperwork, health screening and received either jobs or had families guarantee they would not become burdens on the government.


Most already had vocations and skills and were eager to go to work and school, totally different from today's immigrants, with whom the U.S. shares little in culture, behavior or values.

Assimilation is required by immigrants. The Dems ignore it. Failure to assimilate will destroy America and turn it into the country the immigrants left behind.

Bill Voda


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