Let's unite behind new wave of leaders

Many Americans have been worried about the future awaiting our children.

A majority of us believe in a moral obligation to assure all children have access to health care, education and equal opportunity. Most of us believe every child should be protected from hunger, bigotry, abuse and being gunned down at school. Almost all Americans feel no child should be separated from their asylum-seeking family at our borders and shipped off to profit-making detention centers where spreading chickenpox has thousands of traumatized children imprisoned in quarantine. All of us want clean air and safe drinking water for future generations.

None of us approve of budget cuts to education, the defunding of Special Olympics or leaving our children with trillions more in debt.

The Republican Congress has long been dysfunctional - lacking leadership and a moral compass while pandering to rich donors and lobbyists, they've accomplished nothing other than creating distrust and disrespect for our government. They're cowering under a whiny, self-serving bully who attacks dead war heroes, trusts his North Korean, Russian and Saudi buddies more than American intelligence agencies and foments hate and divisiveness.

No more kicking the can down the road. It's time to clear the cobwebs from a do-nothing Congress.

We've elected a majority of diverse, informed and bolder representatives with innovative ideas. They are prepared to take on health care, immigration and campaign finance reform and oversight over a chaotic White House. They're ready to protect our voting rights, confront gun violence and climate change and advocate for all Americans on the issues we are most concerned about.

With the "best people" indicted, fired or slinking away and with an array of fine candidates willing to lead our country with integrity and respect, let's unite in working toward a brighter future for all children.

Jane Cox


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