Lisa Griffin is right candidate for District 59 board

Posted3/27/2019 1:00 AM

I am deeply concerned about the Daily Herald's candidate endorsements for Elk Grove Township Elementary District 59.

You refused to endorse Lisa Griffin because she occasionally substitutes in the district stating that it was disqualifying. I believe you passed up the most qualified board candidate based on an arbitrary measure that should not have disqualified her. If that were the case, then she and the other former teacher would not be able to appear on the ballot.


Lisa Griffin is the only candidate for the District 59 board who has actual experience in curriculum development, one of the major issues voters have with the schools. She has a broad understanding of school standards and ways to implement them without detracting from more creative ways of learning.

A second issue in this district, and an equally important one, is the teachers' perceptions that their voices aren't being heard. Lisa's experience as a classroom teacher coupled with her understanding of the administrative side of education make her an ideal candidate for the District 59 school board.

I know Lisa personally and I can attest first hand to her even temperament, fair-mindedness, honesty, integrity and willingness to listen to all sides before adopting a position.

I hope that the residents of School District 59 will take these factors into account and vote for Lisa Griffin on April 2.

Katherine Burton

Mount Prospect

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