Letter: Vote down bid to legalize marijuana

To the Daily Herald editor:
Posted1/19/2019 1:00 AM

Some questions for our governor and lawmakers, as they consider legalizing the recreational use of marijuana:

1. Are you aware that there are many articles in medical journals about the harmful effects of marijuana? If not, a simple internet search should bring you up to date.

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2. Do you agree that legalizing marijuana would encourage more people to use it and thus suffer its harmful effects?

3. If marijuana does become legal, would you want your own family or friends to use it?

4. And if you don't want your own family or friends to use marijuana, then why would you want to make it easier for everyone else to do so?

For the sake of all the good citizens of Illinois, when recreational marijuana comes to a vote, please have the courage to vote no.

Bill Deckard


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