How to really save money

Posted12/7/2018 1:00 AM

Dan Cronin has been patting himself on the back for cuts made by reducing different offices in the county and saving the taxpayers all this money. According to the Daily Herald Nov. 29, it seams a county employee that lost in the election has a new job.

Paul Hinds lost to Jean Kaczmarek for county clerk, so that means he would have to find work in the public sector, but not in DuPage. Oh, no, he was given a new position in the county at a rate of over $157,000 a year.


Gwen Henry the county treasurer hired him for a job in her office that she has been doing for several years, so that must not have been a problem for her to do.

So now if Mr. Cronin wants to save the taxpayers money, do not hire Mr. Hinds; tell Ms. Henry to keep doing the job as before or maybe she should not have her job and find someone else that is willing to do both jobs. So now Mr. Cronin, that is saving the taxpayers money.

Richard Schwarz


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