Extreme distortion

Posted12/7/2018 1:00 AM

Walter E. Williams has the most extremist views of any columnist that I have seen in your paper. He distorts other groups' political positions to make them seem as unethical. His columns are always over the top with criticism.

The latest, which associates socialism with ethnic murder and the most atrocious crimes of communism, only widens the division between political philosophies in the American scene. We on the liberal side wish to see health care for all, help given to the poor and a working wage paid to millions of hard-working employees. This desire to help does not make us Stalinists. It is not even socialism, however well-intentioned its supporters are.

So next time you publish his column, ask him to put out a positive position. What kind of society does he wish to create? He lies about the one I wish to create.

Tom Teune


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