Time to make good on campaign promises

Posted11/26/2018 1:00 AM

Beginning in January, the governor, all constitutional offices and the state legislature will all be controlled by Democrats. A supermajority so powerful that the legislature, in theory, could easily overrule the State Supreme Court through the amendment process.

There will be no one to "fight" in Springfield. So there are no excuses for the Democratic Party not to deliver on any of their promises. Promises like: providing a "good breakfast" to every schoolchild who needs one, health care for all, affordable college, tax cuts for the middle class, higher taxes on the wealthy, lower property taxes for homeowners, more jobs, higher wages, balanced budgets, repairing crumbling infrastructure, improving the state's credit rating, addressing the ballooning pension obligations and others. Let's not forget the incoming governor said that Rauner lied about instituting a "mileage tax," so I expect that not instituting a mileage tax would also be a promise made.


Illinois has the highest taxes in the nation and is $16 billion in debt. They can't blame Rauner, the Republicans or the courts. The Democrats control everything. The people of Illinois expect the Democrats to deliver and not on the backs of the middle class as promised.

Ron Feldman


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