Back to basics needed in college, too

Posted11/3/2018 1:00 AM

Note to today's college students, and especially to those whose student loans have them in debt up to their ears: take a really close look at what is being offered at your school of choice. It could be that your tuition/student loan debt is so extravagantly high because of some poor decisions on the part of these schools of higher learning, so-called.

Case in point: Amanda Littauer is identified in a recent editorial right here in the DH as the "acting director of the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality at Northern Illinois University." What, pray tell, could possibly be taught at such a center that wouldn't be covered in your basic biology 101 course? Unless it has also been infested by liberal groupthink, the biology department would provide students with all they need to know about these sorts of things, and without the politics.


Science, and common sense, might I add, tells us that each and every cell in our bodies is "stamped" with one of two versions of DNA, and that DNA determines which gender you are, either male or female. I'm not saying that people cannot live as they choose. I'm just saying that they simply cannot alter their gender … unless and until they find a way to alter their DNA.

Getting back to my point about student debt: schools do not set up these faux departments with the expectation that the administrators/instructors they hire will work pro bono. They get paid, and that contributes to the overall cost of your education. If these schools would just get back to the basics of a real education, we would likely see those tuition fees going down a bit.

John Babush

Big Rock

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