Randhurst, Kensington taxes should go to D57, not D26

Posted9/6/2018 5:00 AM

It's a shame that 90 percent of the homeowners who pay taxes on their homes do not realize who gets their tax money. District 57 does not derive any tax money from Kensington Center Industrial Park or Randhurst. Guess who gets it: River Trails District 26.

Almost everyone I talk to hasn't a clue about this. I have talked to state Rep. (David) Harris who is aware of this so if you think I'm wrong call his office. You also might call State Sen. Tom Rooney and you'll get the same answer.


District 57 just passed a huge tax hike which you people voted for. If everyone got off their duffs en masse, and called Rooney and Harris to take this problem down to Springfield and correct it. I can't do anything by myself alone, it will take every homeowner to stand up and demand we get that tax money from Randhurst and Kensington Center and not have it go to District 26.

The bottom line is we all live in Mount Prospect and we should derive our money from Mount Prospect. I hear a lot of people tell me they aren't happy with their tax bill and the biggest part of it is District 57.

If you love paying taxes ignore this and if you're irritated about your taxes start calling and demanding what is ours.

Larry Maurer

Mount Prospect

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