Congressman is detached from district

Posted5/26/2018 1:00 AM

For over a decade constituents in the 6th congressional district have been calling on Peter Roskam to hold a real and public town hall meeting. That group has grown to include young people following the Parkland school shooting. What message does our congressman send when he misses the April 7 Town Hall for Our Lives in Glen Ellyn, run by students and attended by 600 constituents, and refused to say why?

What message does our congressman send when he finally sends an "official invite" to a closed-door meeting with students that organized the Town Hall, but turns it into a political ambush by also inviting three unknown students who opposed their school walkout and wish to arm teachers?


What message does our congressman send when asked by a 16-year-old whose school dealt with threats earlier in the year, if he'll continue to take money from the NRA, he casually responds with a "we'll see"? As if it's all some political game.

Meanwhile, another local public high school went through the turmoil of gun violence just last week. Does he care what kids are going through as they walk into their public school heavily guarded with police?

In the meeting, he asked the students what THEY have done to make "loners feel welcome." Has he listened to the pleas of the Parkland students? Has he listened to the students from Chicago that face gun violence every single day?

What has Peter Roskam done in response to gun violence? Nothing. Having taken part in the closed-door student meeting on May 5 and seeing the political spin by the congressman, I would advise all members of the 6th District, do not waste your time on your emotionally detached congressman, spend your time voting him out.

Erica Bray-Parker


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