Thankful for new approach to news

Posted4/14/2018 1:00 AM

Recently, there has been a howling coming from the so-called mainstream media about the Sinclair Broadcast Group's purchase of the Tribune Company. According to the lame-stream media, Sinclair is the devil reincarnate and their conservative views are terrible for the country.

This is what qualifies as MSM headline news: Trump-Russia collusion, which we know there was none, meanwhile actually helping divide the country and achieving the Russian goal of discord. One-sided version of Second Amendment debates. News stories based on identity politics, promoting illegal immigration, cries over the deficit for one year but said little when the deficit grew by $12 trillion, while Mr. Obama was in Washington, D.C.

Where are the stories on fraud and politicization of the DOJ/FBI, the FISA court abuses, no less than six top ranking DOJ/FBI officials have been demoted or fired with criminal charges pending and the soon to be released DOJ IG report? Or, local news outlets ignore the declining state of affairs in Illinois, the $200 billion pension crisis, why Illinois is has 60,000 people a year moving out of state (many are government pensioners), the highest real estate taxes in the country the schools are still not funded?

The corruption in Springfield and local municipalities should be pretty easy to identify and report.

I for one welcome an outlet presenting a contrast to what is considered news with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the rest. I want to thank my high school journalism teacher who taught the basics of journalism of fair, impartial, balanced, verified news to students so they would be able to identify today's MSM yellow journalism.

Tony Atkins


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