Building a new police department would save money in long run

Posted3/7/2018 5:00 AM

The Mount Prospect Village Board will be considering a plan for relocating the police department to a new location. They are looking at a building that is 36 years old, with a purchase price of $5 million and construction costs of $22 million for a budget of $27 million.

By remodeling the village may save $10 million over the cost of a new building.

The ongoing maintenance costs for a 36-year-old commercial building will be very high and grow higher every year. I appreciate the effort of the village to try to keep costs down. When you complete this project you will now have a $27 million, 36-year-old used building.

The costs of a new building may be 35 percent higher but it will last twice as long and save money in the long term.

Ray Lenberg

Mount Prospect

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