Ives not the team player we need as governor

As a veteran, I have concerns as to the temperament, qualifications and willingness for Jeanne Ives to serve all the citizens of Illinois.

One of my concerns centers on her political ads mentioning she was a graduate of West Point. There is no doubt West Point is one of the premier military academies in the United States. To graduate from West Point or any of the military academies takes dedication and a strong sense of purpose. When you graduate from West Point or any of the military academies, you are sworn in as a commissioned officer to serve your country with expectations of attaining higher rank and greater responsibilities.

During her tenure, she served as a platoon leader and headquarters detachment commander for transportation units in Germany and as an ROTC instructor at Wheaton College. For a West Point graduate who served five years active duty in the Army as an officer, she has very little to show, which comes across as a lackluster achiever.

The military in all its branches is composed of men and women from all walks of life, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, religious and sexual orientation. For the military to be as great as we are, there is one common thread, and that is teamwork. Whether it's the military, private sector or politics, success depends on teamwork. Ives is not a team player.

Our state is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, but she has made it very clear through her TV ads and comments that she does not compromise and is therefore unwilling to serve all the citizens of Illinois.

When you consider her achievements in the military, her tenure in state politics coupled with her lack of tolerance for some of our citizens, this is a person not fit to be governor.

Dennis Anderson


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