No thanks, congressman


I'm glad letter writer Michael Curtis will receive $250 from the "Roskam tax cut." That comes to $4.80 a week, which is almost enough to buy a sandwich at Buona Beef on a discount day. Or he can save that windfall, which comes to $18.75 a month, and buy a pizza from Rosati's. Too bad the "tax cut" for us is not permanent.

I can tell you that $250 will not make me forget that Roskam refuses to hold town halls and meet with his constituents in a public forum to discuss his recent voting record. He has only met in private with big donors. I used to see him at the local Jewel, but he must be getting home delivery from Peapod now in order to avoid having to face the public.

According to the Congressional Record, Roskam has voted in 2017 to take away healthcare for 24 million, voted to allow internet providers to sell data about us, the customers, to businesses, and voted to allow the mentally incompetent to own firearms.

And as the writer forgot to mention, he voted for the permanent tax cuts to big business and the top 1 percent.

Lawrence Viverito


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