Liberals refuse to work with new majority

Posted2/1/2018 1:00 AM

As the liberals, leftists, "progressives" who have been in charge over all in the past decade have systematically marginalized, if not negated, our Constitution, apparently assuming that "we the people" were following their socialist ideologies, there was resistance building.

Using language that lies as in referring to the person in a pregnant mother's womb as "products of conception" rather than a baby when pushing the abortion-on-demand agenda, the liberal left and their cronies in the media set about promoting their "politically correct" philosophy by scorning, condemning, even suing people who refused to go along so as not to violate their consciences, their supposedly constitutionally guaranteed beliefs. It seems evangelical Christians have been their target of choice.

In 2016, those believing in the Constitution and personal freedom to live by its statutes, had had enough. Tired of judicial legislating from the bench, seeing our national defense eroded, and our religious freedom trampled, we voted and the so-called progressives got Trumped.

What is truly amazing is that instead of respecting the electoral process and the voters' decision (as we did in 2008 and 2012), the majority of these liberals have, in effect, demonstrated against the rest of us (I believe Mrs. Clinton called us "deplorables"), whining and refusing to try to work together to restore our republic to what our founders intended it to be. I know the PC folks were shocked, but it doesn't seem that they sincerely looked to evaluate and better understand what had happened.

Instead of language that lies or spins the truth, we need to be able to discover what the truth is, as we do in the columns Walter E. Williams writes. I have an idea about where to start -- how about unbiased reporting by all the media. Just a thought.

Patricia Bertrand

Wood Dale

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