Character counts in presidents, too

Updated 1/29/2018 5:01 PM

Thank you for Michael Gerson's Jan. 24 column regarding evangelicals' increasing embrace of all things Donald Trump. I find myself agreeing with almost every word Mr. Gerson writes here.

Mr. Gerson reminds us of Rev. Billy Graham's increasing embrace of all things Richard Nixon in the 70s. I am continually surprised when my evangelical sisters and brothers explain away Mr. Trump's bullying, lying and taking responsibility for only his positive but not negative actions because they like some of Mr. Trump's accomplishments. These same evangelical sisters and brothers were on the forefront of reminding me during the Clinton years how "Character Counts, Character Counts and more Character Counts."

I'm no fan of the Clintons, but find it surprising that I haven't heard anything about Character Counting from my evangelical colleagues in the last two years. Where did that concept go?

I even like a few things Mr. Trump has accomplished. Let's just say that character flaws (sins?) are not fixed or expunged by denials of character wrongdoing or by trying to cover character flaws with world wide recognized accomplishments.

Even criminals try that (i.e., Al Capone did lots of charitable work).

You know what? Character Does Count, as Rev. Graham eventually came to find out, even with presidents. I hope my evangelical brethren will stop to consider the idea.

Donald Kron


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