Book offers insight into science, faith

Updated 1/22/2018 9:00 AM

Having spent most of my adult life in engineering and science, I found myself in a constant tug of war with my faith in God. Many of my friends and associates did as well.

It was usually easy for me to separate the two and move on, believing in both, but not wanting to get into a discussion or argument with those who had strong views one way or the other. I remembered my parents old axiom: Never get into an argument about religion or politics. I long ago forsook the second.


Upon some recent head scratching, I decided to do research on where science and God cross paths and where they might diverge. I have to admit when you put those two words together an explosion of information is available. One of the bits was a book called "The Science of God." Nothing seemed more relevant to me.

I bought the book , which is only about 200 pages, and proceeded to read on.

I can tell you, even the most ardent skeptics will find themselves overwhelmed with religious and scientific facts that not only fit biblical passages, but scientific as well. There are sections and pages you will need to reread because of the impact it will have on you.

If you want to renew your faith or just be amazed, I recommend this book.

Spoiler slert: A little knowledge of both the Bible and science will be helpful.

Richard Francke


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