Schaumburg board too generous with our money

Posted1/8/2018 5:00 AM

Schaumburg sends out an e-newsletter every Friday. I read today's looking for some mention of an article that appeared in the Daily Herald last week.

It seems, according to the paper, our overly generous village board voted to give away $150,000 to the new owners of Easy Street Pub for renovations. Worse, they may give the new owners another $100,000 if they find a suitable tenant.

The trustees will say it is not a significant amount in the general scheme of the budget and they are wrong, again.

Maybe they will give me $150,000. No, probably not. It is taxpayers' money that profits a business because they bought an old building, not historic anymore, based on the village's own site.

Wasteful people, I wish I had been asked to complete the survey on Schaumburg. The mayor and his cast of cronies would not have made the top 9 anything.

David Krein


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