Don't forget Hillary's memory issues

Posted12/5/2017 1:00 AM

People really ought to think before they put pen to paper -- or finger to keyboard. Two recent letters in the Daily Herald, one from Lake in the Hills, the other from Elgin, suggest that this advice was not followed.

Although I have no way of knowing, I think it's a safe bet that both letter writers voted for Hillary in this last presidential election. If they did, or even if they just supported her for any office, well, they certainly weren't thinking when they wrote those letters.

Why do I say that? Because both went after Attorney General Jeff Sessions for an apparent lack of memory regarding questions asked about the Trump campaign. Let's go back in history a bit. Can the letter writers "recall" the Whitewater investigation? If not, allow me to refresh your memories: Hillary, while First Lady and during congressional investigations, used the response, "I don't know" or "I don't remember" over 200 times.

Based on what you both said in your letters about Sessions, ladies, can I assume you also believed that Hillary was incompetent to serve in the Senate, at State and most assuredly in the White House, and that perhaps she ought to be in assisted living as well?

John Babush

Big Rock

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