Won't back down when something's wrong

I was not surprised to see the news that state Rep. Jeanne Ives is running for Governor of Illinois.

There is a saying in the Navy "Damn the torpedoes, Full Speed ahead!" This is Jeanne in a nutshell. I have never seen her take on an issue halfway. Her tenacity to fight for the people she represents is a quality that makes me proud she is my representative. She will fight for us, she will fight for Illinois. This is not just a campaign slogan, or some rousing rally cry, this is Jeanne Ives.

After working for Jeanne I began to see qualities that made me start to think that she was going to run for higher office. The pride in her service, her family, her country. It was refreshing to see a politician heed the words "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." This is what I truly believes she thinks. Jeanne is one of the most determined individuals I know, she does not back down when she believes her cause is just.

The traditional entrenched corruption that has become synonymous with Illinois needs to end. A chief executive of a state must have the willpower to call out corruption at all levels of government. We need a strong leader that is not going to sit back and accept the status quo. Jeanne is not one to back down and stay silent when she knows something is wrong. She will stand her ground and defend this state with the intensity, dignity and pride of a West Point graduate.

I have never endorsed a candidate, but I am honored that this is the first time I can say: I support Jeanne Ives for Governor of Illinois.

John Paul Augustynowicz


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