Antiquated system

Updated 10/2/2017 10:27 AM

Thank you for your thought-provoking piece on the archaic electoral college and the response it is generating. The fact that in this age of instant communication, we still have in place a system that requires us to vote for electors we've never met and don't know to travel to Washington to hopefully cast a ballot for a candidate we support is so ludicrous it boggles the mind

We can't vote for president, but we can vote for librarian

The readers who have suggested we need to continue this outdated method of electing the most important leader in the world because it gives voters throughout the nation a voice don't realize a candidate needs to win only 11 states to reach the 270 total required by the college. So 39 states could have no voice at all.

Books on this subject are available at local libraries. Hopefully enough citizens will read them and get involved in dumping this antiquated nightmare.

W.R. Bickley

Mount Prospect

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