McCain usually one to act on principle

As a prisoner of war in Vietnam, John McCain did not accept the opportunity to go home leaving the brutality, torture, and his fellow prisoners behind. His brave decision to remain a prisoner was based on principle.

As a U.S. Senator, McCain has often shown a willingness to act on principle, sometimes surprising his GOP colleagues by expressing views not in blind accord with theirs. His one glaring failure to act on principle was his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate during his presidential campaign. Clearly, that was not in the best interest of our nation, but was, instead, a quirky attempt to gain the approval of certain segments of the voting public.

Sen. McCain's decision to return to Washington so soon after his diagnosis of brain cancer was an act of great courage. His vote in defiance of President Trump on the GOP health care bill was an act of principle. Forty nine of his 51 GOP colleagues voted yes on a health care bill that has the support of only 13 percent of the American people. Forty eight Democrats and three Republicans recognized that what the president was asking them to do was a fool's errand; instead they acted on principle.

Donald G. Westlake


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