It's all about a secret union ballot

Published1/14/2009 12:02 AM

I read three very interesting letters in the FencePost Dec. 27, and then a fourth Dec. 30. One of them was very similar to the other three, while those other three were virtually identical, word-for-word. One writer was from Lake Zurich, another from Lombard, the third from Villa Park, and the fourth from Downers Grove. I have no idea if they know each other, but it is remarkable that they think so much alike (especially the three whose letters were verbatim copies).

Now then, what about this "Employee Free Choice Act" all four of these folks are championing? Well, to make the explanation simple, they are against the secret ballot. Imagine going to the polls on election day and having to go up to a blackboard in front of any/everybody and writing your name and your choice for president, governor, etc. That's essentially what these folks want for union elections; the secret ballot, in their minds, is not fair. After all, the employee who is intimidated into signing a union card in public might not hold fast to that intimidation in the privacy of a voting booth. Can't have that, now, can we?


Even though I've been in a union for most of my working career, I would still strongly object to this so-called "Employee Free Choice Act." If unions can't convince their potential constituents to side with them in a secret ballot, then I think they should work on self-improvement rather than forcing themselves onto companies whose workers do not voluntarily vote them in.

John Babush

Big Rock

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