Smokers should have a place to go

Published7/12/2008 12:04 AM

Craig Brenner from Hanover Park is right on in his applause for smokers who are taking a stand against the silly smoking ban in Illinois.

Why can people who choose to smoke not have a place to assemble together? Are we afraid that a nonsmoker will want to join them? I don't get it.


No one is saying smoking is a good thing to do. I think we all know better than that, but some of us choose to smoke, and to not have a single bar or restaurant to go to, well, it seems a little unconstitutional to me.

My wife and I used to go the local tavern here in town every Friday. Have a couple of beers, a burger, play darts or whatever, and enjoy the camaraderie of neighbors.

Since Jan. 1, we have gone maybe three times and each time, the place had less than half the patronage it used to. So I am sure that bar owners are feeling the pinch too.

I wonder what freedom will be the next to go.

Terry Ficcardi


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