Yes, you can mix business and fun

Updated 10/14/2019 9:36 AM

Q: Why do companies choose Accelerate for their group events?

A: There are four main reasons that companies have events with us. The No. 1 reason I hear from customers is that they are tired of having boring events where employees would rather stay at work than attend another outing. Companies want to create a memorable experience event where everyone gets involved and be something that they'll be talking about for months to come.


Also, they really like that Accelerate is a "one stop shop." We offer all the elements necessary to have productive, inspiring, and fun company events. We have a large conference room with full multimedia and conferencing capabilities so that you can get serious work done here.

We also have an on-site restaurant and bar on par with your favorite local spots. Companies can come to Accelerate for serious business just like full service hotel or conference facility.

What really sets us apart is the active, team-building entertainment which includes axe throwing, high-speed karting, and one of the few Chaos Jump group virtual reality stations in the Midwest.

Finally, our facility is massive and is indoor and fully air-conditioned. So we can do huge events and there is never a risk of bad weather ruining a planned event.

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Q: What kind of events do companies hold at Accelerate?

A: We have had companies do all sorts of events here: meetings, outings, team building events, conferences, product roll out, etc.

Most companies like the fact that all of these activities can encourage healthy competition, helping your team keep its edge. And, they can also increase cooperation as group challenges.

The end result we strive for is for the people you invite to your event is to leave wanting to come back for more -- and thankfully, that is usually what happens.

Q: How did you decide to locate in this area?

A: David and Mike Larson are two of the six business partners. They grew up in this area and have wanted to have a location in this market for many years.


Accelerate is the largest of the company's 11 locations. We have taken everything we learned in the other locations and amped it up to make this location our crown jewel.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of the local business and residential community, Accelerate has become one of the area's hottest destinations., whether it's our popular arrive and drive format, where you just show up, or planned events. We're proud to be part of the community. We have had visitors from every state in the country, and all over the Chicago metropolitan area.

Q: What do you offer when it comes to corporate meetings?

A: As I mentioned, we have a very large, fully equipped corporate conference/presentation room with a giant, connected presentation screen, surround sound and wireless internet that's super fast (like our karts) for when you have serious work to accomplish.

Then, once you are done with the hard part of the day, things get really serious as everyone gets the chance to compete for bragging rights as the fastest driver or the best axe thrower or even the best Space Invaders player.

Nothing brings a group together like friendly competition, and between the arcade, the virtual reality, the axe throwing, Victory Lap Bar & Grill and, of course, the racing, it's an experience your team will never forget.

Q: Describe the atmosphere.

A: One of our core values is "Think Young. Have Fun." It's a culture that permeates every part of our business because we take having fun very seriously.

Whether you are racing, playing an arcade game, eating, watching, or simply waiting, we want you to enjoy every minute you are here. We want you to leave happier than when you arrived and for some of that energy to carry you through the rest of your day or week.

Q: What are people in your industry talking about? What's trending?

A: A lot of people talk about the Millennial generation and how they value experiences over things. We believe mindset today cuts across all ages, challenging businesses like ours that are in the amusement and entertainment industry, to deliver moments that become memories.

There's a time and a place for sitting back and being entertained. We're not that. We are a 75,000-square-foot playground for thrillseekers who are looking for a bit of adventure in their entertainment. That's why we call it "adventuretainment."

Q: What is the best part of our job?

A: We are in the business of fun, of making people smile, challenge themselves, and take time to enjoy themselves. If we aren't the best part of a company's, a family's, or an individual's day, then we're not doing our job right. "Think young. Have fun" is a way of life.

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