New Continuum partners on tech project

Updated 11/28/2018 8:26 AM

WEST CHICAGO -- Internet infrastructure provider New Continuum Holdings Corp. announced the formation of N2Open Labs, a program designed to support new edge technologies, high-density power, GPU, ASIC and other new chip technologies, and automation through the internet infrastructure.

New Continuum Holdings operates New Continuum Data Centers and partners with 20C LLC, a developer of network and infrastructure management code, on United internet Exchange LLC.

New Continuum and 20C created N2Open Labs as a way to support the development and deployment of interoperable software. Matt Griswold, founder of 20C, will provide direction and serve as CTO.

N2Open Labs will source projects from both existing New Continuum and 20C customers as well as solicit new submissions. Additionally, Griswold, long a proponent of open source automation and the primary developer of many automation tools, will be leveraging his new project, ctl to showcase its capabilities as a next-generation automation provider.

"This is the formalization of what we have already been doing in practice," said Eli D. Scher, CEO of New Continuum. "We believe in supporting open source and commercially disruptive technologies to deliver savings and efficiencies to our customers, and the establishment of N2Open Labs is a testament to our commitment."

N2Open Labs is now accepting proposals for projects that can be developed in New Continuum's high-density data center and across its network and peering fabric. To submit a proposal, send them to

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