Improv Playhouse provides team building

By David Stuart
Updated 10/10/2018 9:15 AM

David Stuart's Improv Playhouse is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve outstanding levels of creativity and performance producing fun and interactive experiences for your teams.

IP PRIMED (Positive Reinforcement Implementing Maximum Employee Development) facilitators have been a sought after team building powerhouse, imparting practical principles through collaborative exercises for organizations seeking definitive change and collaboration. From the introvert to the gregarious participant, their behavior, as well as role responsibility and accountability, progress toward generating positive outcomes.

Building upon the "Yes/And …" principle, PRIMED facilitators will customize a workshop, lunch 'n' learn, or create an experience scaled to your need from an hour energizer, several hour or full day event. This training maximizes staff's potential with our unique ability to focus on multiple objectives including the following principles and more:

• Discovery: the principle of creativity and new ideas.

• Spontaneity: brainstorming and the art of spontaneous decision making in leadership and presentations.

• Give and Take: focus on the team.

• Train the "right" brain: how you think will affect your performance and environment.

• Listening: The art of excellent communication.

An expanded explanation of some of our touch points might include:

• The principle of Leadership: Initiate and create something. Great leaders take action and are always creating. They have the courage to take responsibility, embrace mistakes, and adapt to change.

• The principle of Trust: Build a strong team based on trust. Great leaders must have the ability to build effective teams, establish team trust, and collaborate with others.

• The principle of Respect: Accepting the ideas and perspectives of others.

• The principle of Ownership: Embracing ideas as individuals and as a team.

• The principle of Focus: Direct and diplomatic communication takes practice and skill

• The principle of Contagiousness: Smile.

• Follow the follower. The team is free to allow any member to be the leader for a time that is when his or her expertise is particularly needed.

Empower your educators, associates and managers to become more creative, more innovative, more open to new concepts.

At Improv Playhouse and the other Improv schools of excellence, the performers do not excel by working as soloists; instead, they learn to work in cooperative ensembles …. groups.

Our Stories: Dialogues are unfolding processes of transforming and deepening appreciation of others. Each have a personal story to tell, yet these monologues become integrated for the benefit of the team through listening, sharing, healthy debate and inquisitive problem solving. Effective business cultures accept new ideas, disagreements, and rebuttals as opportunities to exchange perspectives and potential for new opportunities. Our goal is not to make great improvisers, but to develop the unique potential of our participants.

Organizations having worked with IP-Primed include Abbott, AbbVie, American Hotel Register, Astellas, Avery Corp., Baxter, Bosch, Boller Construction, Capital One, Cardinal Health, Discover, Hewitt, Grainger, CDW, Fujisawa, Hollister, Discover, Kraft/Mondelez, Malnatis Pizza Corp., McGinty, Motorola/Google, Lake County DOT (Division of Transportation), Oliver Wyman, Pfizer, Rosborough Partners, SAP, Scil USA, Siemens Corp., Takeda, Uline and Walgreens.

For details, call (847) 968-4529 or visit

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