Local Resident Highlights Widely Unknown Cancer Risk with Awareness Day

Updated 2/22/2021 9:20 AM

Day Of Awareness Highlights Widely Unknown Cancer Risk - Most Women Don't Know Their Breast Density

Hawthorn Woods, IL February 19,2021, Most women do not know their breast density and are unaware that breast density increases their risk of developing breast cancer. The denser the breast, the higher the risk. Moreover, mammography will miss over 50% of cancers in dense breasts, leaving cancers to grow and possibly spread. For women with dense breast tissue, screening mammography (including 3D) is not enough.


My Density Matters organization founder Leslie Ferris Yerger created an awareness day to educate women and save lives. This day titled "Find Out My Breast Density Day" will empower women to find out their breast density, and if they are dense, to talk with their doctor about additional screening.

On February 24, 2021, the organization will be launching a campaign on social media with the hashtag #FindOutMyBreastDensityDay, talking with women, sharing education and hosting a live Twitter chat at 5 pm CST with Dr. Amy Patel on @mydensitymatter to share this crucial, life-saving information.

Why is Find Out My Breast Density Day so vitally important? As Leslie shares, "I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in November of 2017, two months after an 'all clear' mammogram and ultrasound. My cancer was hiding in my dense breast tissue, left undetected to grow and spread. What happened to me could happen to you or someone you love, which is why I created the My Density Matters organization and this important day. It is not about me and my journey, but it is about you and yours, so my story doesn't become your story."

The goal of Find Out My Breast Density Day is to empower women to find out their breast density, and to speak with their doctors about additional screening. There is only one way to find out your breast density: get a mammogram and ask for the report. It is this crucial step most women are missing, and many doctors do not share this information as common practice. Once you understand if your density is an A, B, C or D category (C and D are considered dense) you can take action and talk to your doctor about additional screening. This message is what women everywhere need to know and understand.

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On "Find Out My Breast Density Day," the My Density Matters organization has partnered with Pieces of I, Tigerlily Foundation,Are You Dense, SurvivingBreastCancer.org, Imerman Angels, and several other organizations to collectively empower women across the world.

About My Density Matters:

My Density Matters was formed in 2020 by Leslie Ferris Yerger after standard screening failed to catch her Stage IV cancer. She is on a mission to empower women to find out their breast density, learn their screening options, and insist and persist until they get the breast cancer screening they deserve. Visit their website MyDensityMatters.org.

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