Companies aren't forcing people to vape

Posted8/31/2019 1:00 AM

Another lawsuit filed against vaping despite 50 years being told nicotine is addictive. Where were the parents of these teenagers? Surely they knew about nicotine addiction or they should have (a favorite argument of lawyers in these types of cases.)

These kids were not addicted before they started smoking, so my question is why did you start? Did you think it was "cool" or everyone else did or it was glamorous or was there some health benefit from the flavored smoke?


If you think it was because some company "forced you," then you have no control over your own life and have no one to blame but yourself. As with most of these lawsuits, it's all about the money.

I will finish by saying I am not a fan of vaping.

Greg Stimpson

Wood Dale

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