Mailers misleading on gun safety positions

Posted10/22/2018 1:00 AM

The November race for voters in the Illinois 24th Legislative District has Suzy Glowiak, Western Springs resident and former village trustee representing the Democratic Party, pitted against incumbent State Sen. Chris Nybo, a Republican who resides in Elmhurst, holding the position since 2014.

A few things about Suzy's campaign strike me as off. The first is that her campaign literature states that Chris Nybo cannot be trusted to support gun safety. Fact is Nybo worked with chief sponsor State Sen. Don Harmon, an Oak Park Democrat, to craft a revised version of the Gun Dealer License Certificate Act (SB337) that ensures gun dealers operate safely but removed the bureaucratic red tape that would have hurt small businesses. This ensured businesses are only selling firearms to individuals who are legally permitted to carry them.


That bill passed along with HB 2354, a bill sponsored by Sen. Nybo to prevent future mass shootings and attacks by allowing the public to identify and stop potentially dangerous individuals from endangering others or themselves with a firearm.

The governor also signed SB336, a bill supported by Sen. Nybo that required a 72-hour waiting period on individuals for all gun purchases in Illinois. Doesn't sound to me as someone who cannot be trusted to support vital gun safety measures.

Nybo has co-sponsored the Senate Amendment to SB336 -- a bipartisan effort to address the opioid crisis in our country and helped negotiate the bill's passage with Senate sponsor Don Harmon and House sponsor Kelly Cassidy.

Nybo deserves our support this Nov. 6.

Anthony J. Parrino

Western Springs

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