Democracy is under attack

Posted7/27/2018 1:00 AM

What is it going to take for an objective view of Donald Trump to finally be seen by folks, independent of their gut political persuasion? Trump has come out with yet another blast of, "The media is the enemy of the people." As an immigrant and escapee of communist East Germany, a declaration of that sort strikes utter fear into my heart.

Days before, he maligns multiple of our best and strongest allies. July 16, he enthusiastically heads off to meet with Vladimir Putin. Weeks ago, he returns from a meeting with Kim Jong Un, one of history's worst despots, glowing with enthusiasm for what with time is revealing itself to be a vague and misled repeat of past useless conclusions with North Korea.


Come on, folks, connect the dots. Why would he call our free press, our last independent line of defense of our democracy, the key element of a free society - the "enemy of the people"? Because he egotistical and narcissistic, with delusions of his brilliance, and most importantly, has admiration for and aspirations to autocracy. Make no mistake, our democracy is under attack.

Reinhard Metz


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