Outsider Democrats stalk 6th District

Posted4/30/2018 1:00 AM

For well over a decade, outsider Democrats have been trying to manipulate Illinois' 6th Congressional District into being something it is not. And they're trying again.

In 2006, Dick Durbin personally recruited nonresident Tammy Duckworth to run as the Democrats' candidate in the 6th District, and they put all their resources behind her. She knew nothing about the people who actually lived in the district, and the people knew it. She rightly lost.


Now there's Sean Casten. In what the press is touting as the "Year of the Woman," a male Democrat beat five women to represent the 6th District. Arguably, several of these women were more qualified to hold public office than he is.

In fact, Kelly Mazeski appeared to have a favorable lead right up until the election. So what happened? Once again, outsider Democrats made it their business to meddle in our district and sabotage her, using dark money to attack her credentials as "fake news," helping secure Casten the victory.

Why do outside Democrats want Sean Casten to win so badly that they spent tens of thousands of dollars to once again thwart the voters who live in the 6th District? In the months ahead, I will be listening to what Casten says and watching what he does with this question in mind, "Who is he really representing?" Most likely not the voters of our district.

Mary Plunkett


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