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How to make your employees happy to come to work

  • Happy and healthy employees are a company's most valuable asset. Find out how to achieve that.

    Happy and healthy employees are a company's most valuable asset. Find out how to achieve that.

Posted3/13/2017 12:01 AM

Would you like to create a workplace where your employees enjoy coming to work each day?

What if we said you could have:


• Happier (and healthier) employees

• Employees who show up to work more often

• Employees who are more productive when they get there?

And, as a bonus, you'd have fewer workers' compensation claims and enhanced recruiting and retaining of those happy employees?

Well, if you follow the playbook of Assurance, an insurance agency based in Schaumburg, you'll find it's much easier than you might think.

What's the secret? Wellness.

"We believe that a healthier workforce means more engaged employees. And we know engaged employees outperform non-engaged co-workers," said Joe Spallina, vice president of employee benefits for Assurance.

"Even a small improvement through wellness can have an impact on a company's performance."

It turns out, healthy employees translates to a healthier company overall.

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"There's a strong correlation between wellness and short-term disability claims, as well as wellness and productivity costs," Spallina said.

Assurance walks the walk with its own employees and clients, incorporating all aspects of wellness -- health, mental, physical and financial -- into wellness programs. Wellness starts at the top with supportive organizational leadership.

As an example, here are some initiatives the company promotes among its own employees:

• Summer Olympic-style event for all employees

• Annual 5K program for employees and their families

• Sponsored wellness events in the community

• Online tracking portal where employees log their wellness activity and earn points

• Mindfulness meditation classes


• Biometric health screening

• Healthy daily snacks

• Access to a financial adviser

"Our employees' response to our wellness efforts has always been extremely positive, and I think it plays a huge role in attracting and retaining top talent within our organization," notes Assurance CMO, Steven Handmaker. "They know Assurance supports them and cares about their health, and that is a differentiator."

That same care extends to the company's clients. Assurance communicates to its clients why wellness is important for their organization and how it will impact its bottom line. They offer personalized, expert advice and support in creating that kind of work environment.

"Placing quality insurance is just the beginning of what we do; our job is to keep our clients safe and healthy, giving them long-term value," Spallina said.

Assurance is one of the largest independent insurance brokerages in the country. Its experts understand each business, and the company delivers personalized solutions and exceptional service. It is an innovator for bringing healthy engaging programs on-site to your employees.

It offers products and services that include business and personal insurance, employee and executive benefits, surety bond placement, safety consulting, claims advocacy, retirement advisory and strategic wellness programs.

"We have the tools, processes and technologies that will help engage our clients' workforce," Spallina said. "One of the tools is working with the Daily Herald and sponsoring its Fittest Loser Challenge where contestants participate in a 12-week workout and nutrition program. Contestants want to lose weight and be healthier."

"In the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins, which is true in life and in business," Handmaker said.

Assurance is an award-winning insurance brokerage with the purpose of helping clients minimize risk and maximize health in their organizations. The company designs and delivers top quality business insurance and benefit programs for a diverse and growing workforce.

This article is sponsored by Assurance, 1750 E. Golf Road, Schaumburg.

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This article is sponsored by Assurance.