Helping students use technology appropriately

By Peg Mannion
Glenbard High School District 87
Updated 12/1/2016 12:55 PM

Teens and 'tweens often seem to be addicted to technology.

How to minimize the negative uses and reinforce the position is the subject of a Glenbard Parent Series program on "'Tweens, Teens and the Tech Trends of Today" with Liz Repking, founder of Cyber Safety Consulting and a Glenbard parent with a finger on the pulse of parents' technology concerns.


The interactive program will begin at noon Thursday, Dec. 8, at the Carol Stream Elementary District 93 administration center, 230 Covington Drive, Bloomingdale.

Technology is unavoidable. Students depend on it for their education, social interactions and entertainment. Parents hope there will be a balance. How can kids stay socially connected online but not overuse technology or engage in risky behaviors?

Repking will address the social media issues that affect students and examine how teens are interacting online. Parents will learn the positive and negative implications of technology and strategies to parent with more understanding. They will learn how to set rules and structure around appropriate technology use.

Continuing education credits are available.

For information, visit or contact Gilda Ross, Glenbard High School District 87 student and community projects coordinator, at (630) 942-7668 or