Hinsdale South student remains in custody

Updated 10/26/2016 5:12 PM

The Hinsdale South student accused of threatening armed violence at the high school earlier this month will remain in custody until at least Nov. 4.

At the urging of prosecutors, DuPage County Judge Michael Wolfe ordered the 16-year-old student to submit to a risk assessment test to determine any threat he may pose to himself or the community when he is released to the custody of his mother and grandparents.


"He will get out at some point," Wolfe assured the boy's family. "The question is when and under what circumstances. I need information necessary to make a fair and educated decision."

A psychological exam has been completed and Assistant Public Defender Jennifer Seaholm said the minor was prescribed no medication as a result.

The teen has been detained for 23 days since a student came forward to alert authorities after the boy posted a specific threat against a student on Snapchat and made reference to the "Hinsdale Southocaust."

The teen was charged earlier this month with possession of an explosive or incendiary device, unlawful use of a weapon, possession of firearms without a FOID card and disorderly conduct.

A search of the home the teen shares with his mother and grandparents turned up what police Chief Greg Thomas has called an "incredible amount" of guns, ammunition, explosive devices, brass knuckles, knives, ski masks and Nazi memorabilia.

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Since his arrest, the teen has received glowing reports about his attitude and classwork while in the detention center.

The reports perplex prosecutors who want the boy kept in custody.

"The minor is still facing felony charges," Assistant State's Attorney Louisa Nuckolls said. "We don't know why someone who is exhibiting this good behavior is committing these offenses."

Wolfe also questioned the minor's grandfather about what supervision the grandparents can provide the teen should he be released with an electronic monitoring device. Wolfe also asked the grandfather if any of the weapons found in the home were ever his.

"I've never owned a weapon in my life," he said.

Wolfe is expected to review the risk assessment report and rule on whether the teen remains detained on Nov. 4.

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