Be happy if Trump is like Rauner

Updated 6/27/2016 1:27 PM

Concerning Mr. Trumfio's letter in the June 17 Daily Herald, he says we can just look at Illinois under Gov. Rauner to know how the country will fare under Trump if he were elected president. Rauner, he says, is just a businessman who is inexperienced in the ways of government and dictating his one-sided agenda.

For people like myself, not benefiting from business as usual in Illinois, I have the highest praise for Gov. Rauner trying to turn Illinois around.


We have the worst credit rating of all the states, business is leaving, and Madigan submits a budget billions of dollars out of balance, which Rauner refuses to sign as it would further increase our debt.

Rauner has offered proposals to start improving Illinois' financial condition and says he is willing to compromise and discuss other options. But Madigan, who has run a dictatorship where nothing happens unless he first approves it and has had his way on everything for most of the last 30 years while running the state into financial ruin, refuses to even discuss any fundamental changes.

With all of Illinois' problems, many created by him, he has refused to change anything, offer any compromises, or even acknowledge there is a problem.

Maybe I have missed Madigan's proposals to turn Illinois around, but it seems the Democrats are less willing to talk about our problems and what can be done to improve our situation than Rauner.

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So when anyone says Trump will be like Rauner, who has had the courage to stand up against the corrupt Illinois establishment and Madigan, I say I certainly hope so.

Michael Haase

Mount Prospect

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