Is politics behind flap with coroner?

Updated 9/17/2015 3:46 PM

I am dismayed to read the statement issued by Lake County Major Crime Task Force Cmdr. George Filenko and Lake County Undersheriff Ray Rose, criticizing the report issued by Lake County Coroner Dr. Thomas Rudd in regard to the shooting death of Fox Lake Police officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz.

While I respect the right of the investigation team to take issue with Dr. Rudd's report, I'm puzzled by their choice to issue a critical diatribe to every media outlet.


These taxpayer-funded governmental agencies should be working cooperatively. Did the investigation team even try to contact Dr. Rudd, to advise him on what information might hamper their search if released publicly? Did they afford Dr. Rudd the courtesy of voicing their objections privately, professional to professional? Sure doesn't sound like it.

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran is the poster boy for the Lake County Republican organization. I suspect that this widely circulated press release is being used to publicly humiliate a political opponent, as Dr. Rudd was elected to office as a Democrat. Shame on these police agencies for using this tragedy to score partisan political points, and shame on the media for snapping up the bait.

The Lake County Sheriff's office, Major Crime Task Force, and coroner should be working together to piece together what happened in Fox Lake on Sept. 1. These agencies should be communicating with each other and the public in a transparent, objective, and professional manner, regardless of political affiliation.

The taxpayers of Lake County, as well as the colleagues, friends, and family of Lt. Gliniewicz, expect no less.

Sarah Renz

Vernon Hills

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