4-lane highway no help for open space

Posted9/13/2015 12:01 AM

I recently attended a wonderful grand opening for the Brunner Family Farm. Kane County Forest Preserve Commissioners held an inspiring presentation of this open space and they thanked the people of Kane County who paid $40 million to have this for their forest preserve.

Then a distinguished gentleman asked how the commissioners could allow a four lane highway to run right through the open space less than a quarter of a mile from where we were all standing. The Kane County Official said he did not have to answer that and the audience just looked at each other, wondering what is this four lane highway all about.


Why would anyone want to ruin this pristine area that has bald eagles nesting on the grounds with trucks, noise, and pollution? Most of the taxpayers who were enjoying the celebration despite the rain knew very little about this. I found a citizen who explained that a five-mile road was talked about but it would cost Kane County taxpayers, even if they charge a toll to cross the Fox River.

This forest preserve so grand in scale and with 200-year-old oak trees and full of wild life, I hope they don't think that everything would stay like this with a four-lane road going through it. How could there be plans ruin a forest preserve after the people of Kane County just paid good money for open space.

How did this happen? Our visit to Brunner Forest Preserve was bittersweet.

Margaret Harris

West Dundee

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